Affordabike Bike Share

The bike share system offered by Affordabike provides people with an efficient and affordable way to get around downtown Charleston.

Download the MoveSmart App for IoS and Android

After downloading the MoveSmart app, users will follow step-by-step instructions where they will agree to a waiver, enter payment information, and begin the rental. Users should allow up to 30 seconds for their phone to sync with the lock which is built into the bicycle frame. Once the phone is connected, users can lock and unlock the bike with ease.


Can one phone rent multiple bikes?

At the moment the MoveSmart App does not support a multi-bike rental. Please use one phone per bike.

Where can I rent the bikes?

The bikes can be rented at the following locations. Click the red balloons on the map for more information on parking and maximum available bikes.

Click Here for Recommended Routes

Where can I drop off the bikes?

The bikes are intended to be dropped off at the original location they were rented from. Users have the flexibility to end their rental in a place other than their original location for an extra charge of $20.

How much does it cost to rent bikes?

$6/first hour

$3/each additional hour.

Is there a deposit?

There is a $100 pre authorization when users rent one of the bikes. The pre authorization is released within 24 hours of returning the bike.

What should I do if I stop to eat or shop during my rental?

You do not need to stop your rental on the app when making a stop during your ride. Simply lock your bike up and the app will continue to run in the background while you shop, eat, etc.

Do not try to stop the app when you make a stop because it will charge you the 1st hour rate of $6/hour when you start a new rental.

Rental Instructions

Unlocking Instructions

Returning Instructions