What is the Affordabike Demo Program?

At Affordabike we offer the best demo program in town because we know how hard it can be to purchase a bike without riding it on the intended terrain that the bike was designed for. Shops are stocking less and less bikes. What are the chances you walk into a shop and find the exact model you are looking for in your size? How much can you get from a parking lot test ride? Even people who are enthusiasts may ride the same bike for 5 years, sell it, then ride another bike for 5 years. The demo program helps people to differentiate the subtle nuances that make each bike great. Through experience, riders have a better chance of ending up with a bike that fits their riding style perfectly.

We started this program last year with a few demos and had a lot of fun and some success so we quadrupled our offerings with a wide variety of demos for 2017. We have everything from road to gravel and XC racing to super capable all-mountain style bikes.

Interested in trying out some new bikes yet? Here is what you’ll need to do:

  1. Check the list below and find a bike that you would like to demo.(make sure we have it in your size/if you don’t know your size then a Sales Representative will assist you during step 2.
  2. Call Affordabike during store hours at 843-789-3281 ext. 5
  3. Tell the Sales Representative the dates that you need the bike and they will make sure there aren’t any other conflicting demos already scheduled for that bike.
  4. Finally, when coming in to pick up your demo make sure to bring a debit/credit card and a matching ID. We will make a photocopy of the two cards and give it right back.
  5. After the demo, take out another if you’d like or ask a Sales Representative about availability if you are interested in purchasing one.

***Looking for a great deal? Check out the bottom of the page for previous year demos that we are selling. Take one out for a free demo then buy it if you like it!***

Road Demo

Cannondale Synapse Carbon Disc 105

The Synapse is the perfect balance of raw power and all-day rideability. It’s race proven combination of endurance geometry, light weight and road smoothing comfort has won it everything from Spring Classics to
Bike of the Year accolades. Have you ever wondered what riding a road bike with hydraulic discs feels like? Demoing one of these bikes is a great way to see how this feature greatly increases the overall smoothness of your road ride.

Available in sizes 48, 51, 54, and 56.

Gravel Demo

Norco Search Carbon 105

The Search Carbon features a long, stable wheelbase, comfort-enhancing ARC design and plenty of clearance for up to a 35c tire. Wherever your path leads – and whatever it is made of – Search it out and ride it. The latest craz in the cycling world is gravel riding, not just letting the pavement control where you go, the Search is made to handle it all.

Available in sizes 48, 51.5, 53, and 55.5.

Cannondale Slate Apex

A bike that really deserves a whole new category of it’s own, The Slate is a shop favorite because it’s great on road and gravel but out performs any other cyclocross/gravel bike when it comes to ripping single-track. A full-tilt road bike with legitimate off-road chops, the Slate brings a whole new dimension of hard-cornering, curb-hopping, trail-shredding fun to the concept of “road-riding”.

Available in sizes Medium and large.


Mountain Demo

Norco Revolver 9.3 FS

The 100mm Revolver FS is the World Cup-level 29″ platform crowning Norco’s XC Race program. The stiff, feather-light carbon frame will have you surging up climbs, while racer-approved Gravity Tune geometry ensures the bike and rider are poised and confident on descents. With kinematics optimized for cross-country racing and A.R.T. suspension, the Revolver delivers maximum pedaling efficiency and predictable, stable support when the course gets chunky. Comes equipt with 1×11 drivetrain and a remote lock-out fork.


Available in sizes Medium and Large.

Norco Optic A9.2 (BRAND NEW MODEL)

The Optic 9 is a fast-pedaling 29″ trail bike that rides with just the right mix of cross country efficiency and all mountain playfulness. If you want a fast XC bike with ride all-day geometry that can handle just about any rough downhill you throw at it then the Optic is the bike for you. Why have a XC and All-mountain bike when you can have both in one? Comes equipped with 1×11 drivetrain and a dropper seatpost.

Available in sizes: Small, Medium, and Large.


Norco Fluid FS 7.2+(BRAND NEW MODEL)

The Fluid FS 7+ is the perfect trail weapon. With no-compromise geometry designed around 650b plus wheels, the Fluid FS 7+ is optimized to get maximum fun out of every trail you ride. The trail-tuned A.R.T. suspension and short, stiff rear end will have you snapping around corners, exploding up technical climbs, and flowing through rocky, rooty descents. Plus bikes hit the bike scene hard last year with +hardtails coming out everywhere and now they have taken it to the next level with a 120/130 mm travel dualie. This bike literally adds years to your riding experience because it can really take anything you throw at it and it gives you the confidence to take trails on that you would have never dreamed of riding before. Comes equipt with a dropper seatpost, 1×10 drivetrain, and Plus(650×2.8)tires.

Available in Medium.


Cannondale Scalpel Si 5

The ultimate race bike for the rough and tumble of modern XC. It’s the lightest, stiffest XC dualie on the planet, with radical new XC geometry to own the climbs, rule the descents and decimate the competition. This is Cannondale’s newly redesigned 100 mm race bike that was tweaked to adapt to the rising demand of the XC courses being mapped out for today’s racing. Placing more weight over the bike wheel increases traction on the climbs and the slacker headtube angle and offset front hub gives you a lot more stablibilty on descents when compared to competitor’s XC weapons.

Available in size Large.

Last Year’s Demos (for demo and for sale)

2014 Kona Hei Hei

A great entry level 100mm XC style dualie w/ front and rear air suspension and hydraulic disc brakes.

Originally $2000 down to $1250. (Size 15 inch)


2015 Norco Sight A 7.1

All mountain bike. 140mm travel w/dropper post.

Originally $2755 down to $1750. (Size medium)