Guru Fit System

The Guru Fit System is a sophisticated technological system that brings bike fitting to a new level.  Using cameras and sensors, the machine takes a digital reading of the rider to determine their proper fit, with a high focus on comfort.  The fitter uses a remote control to raise and lower different components while the user is pedaling, making it easy to compare different positions.  The components for each position are captured and then saved so that the rider can switch back and forth to compare pros and cons.

In traditional bike fittings, riders often come in excited about a particular brand because of an article they read, something a friend said, or a previous experience with the brand.  Others rely on the sales person at their local shop to recommend their favorite brand.  After the sale, the fitter must make countless adjustments to the bike to make it a proper fit.

The Guru Fit System comes with 2,000 bike geometries pre-programmed into it, including brands Affordabike does not carry in store, allowing riders to take a simulated test ride on any of these models.  Once the rider is properly fitted, the system prints a report of the bicycles that will best fit the rider right out of the box with the fewest adjustments.

guru fit bike

Guru Fit Bike

Fit Options

Bike Finder – $125

  • The Guru Fit System is pre-programmed with over 2,000 different bike geometries, including brands we do not carry. This means riders can get a feel for bikes that we do not have in stock. The rider gets an idea of what fits them best out-of-the-box with the least amount of adjustment. The former philosophy is that riders purchase a bike and then end up making a ton of adjustments to make it fit right. The Guru approach gives the rider a truly unbiased opinion of which bike will be the best for them.

Cat 3 Sport Fit – $125

  • For new bike recommendations
  • $50 with purchase of a bike


Cat 2 Enthusiast Fit – $150

  • 4 Capture Fit with adjustments to bike and Guru report
  • Free with $3,000+ bike purchase

Cat 1 Pro Fit – $250

  • 6 Capture Fit with adjustments to bike and Guru report
  • Free with $4,000+ bike purchase

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