About Us

Affordabike was founded in 2009 under the premise that bikes are too expensive and people at bicycle shops are generally not very nice. We envisioned a different experience where the prices were lower and customers were treated better. If we could provide this experience we felt like customers would be more encouraged to get out there and ride! And thus, Affordabike was born!

Originally we only carried our in-house brand of custom bikes called Bilda Bikes. We design the Bilda Bike frames and choose all the parts that can go on them. Customers then pick out all the parts and the colors and we build the bikes accordingly. As of 2019 we offer 10 different models including men’s and women’s beach cruisers, single speed road bikes, comfort and performance hybrids, and a triathlon bike!

Over the years, we became more interested in all different types of cycling ranging from mountain to road to cyclocross and even triathlon. We experienced all the different niches of cycling in Charleston and that allowed us to meet and connect with a wide customer base. As our store grew, so did our offerings. We eventually came to carry Norco, Felt, Linus, Biria, Retrospec, and Dahon bikes to keep up with varying customer demands. While some bicycle shops decided to focus on road or commuting, we took a more broad approach which stemmed from a love of all-things-cycling. We get a kick out of saying “YES!” and we always try to keep what customers need in stock.


As the years went by, the Bilda Bike line grew. We eventually launched another line of bikes called the Bilda Comp-Series. By contrast, these were complete models and were not custom. We design the frames, choose colors, and pick out a value-oriented spec that is suitable for Charleston locals. The prices we offer on the Bilda Comp-Series are competitive with what people are finding online. The difference is in the quality and the warranty! We stand behind these bikes because we are right here on King St ready to help you every day of the week!

Big bicycle brands have commented about the effectiveness and uniqueness of the Affordabike business model. Larger brands are often far-removed from the day-to-day feedback from customers at the street level. At Affordabike, we are on the front lines every single day, building the bikes, selling the bikes, and repairing the bikes that we, ourselves, have designed and produced!