Bike Service

Our friendly and helpful service staff is available to take care of all of your bicycle repair and service needs. Below you will find our service pricing and information along with our Service Request Form. The Service Request Form allows you to communicate with our Service Staff prior to dropping off your bike so that we can make your experience as quick and enjoyable as possible.


Alley Cat Tune Up (Single Speed) – $35

Cat 3 Basic Tune Up – $50-$60

  • Basic shift/brake adjustment
  • Bolt Check
  • Chain lubrication
  • Frame wipe down

Cat 2 Advanced Tune Up – $70

  • Includes Cat 3 Basic
  • Both wheels trued/tensioned

Cat 1 Pro Tune Up – $110

  • Includes Cat 2 Advanced
  • Full drivetrain deep clean
  • Part replacement labor covered

Gran Fondo Pro Plus Tune Up – $140

  • Includes Cat 1 Pro
  • Full headset overhaul
  • Full bottom bracket overhaul


Tube/Tire Change – $10 + parts

Shifting Adjustment – $10

Brake Adjustment – $10

Chain Replacement – $10 + parts

Cassette/Freewheel Replacement – $10 + parts

Wheel True – $15

Handlebar Wrapping – $15 + parts

Boxed Bike Build – $40-$60

Bike Service Request Form

Want to reach out to our service staff prior to bringing your bike in? Please complete our Service Request Form. We will contact you asap with answers and your first available dates to drop off your bike. Same day pickup is guaranteed unless we need to order parts, in which case it will take 2-3 days.