Our House Brands

Bilda Bike is Affordabike’s brand of in-house custom bikes. It started in 2009 with one men’s model beach cruiser but eventually Bilda Bike branched out to encompass four cruiser models as well as a single speed road bike. There was even a line of Bilda Bike kid’s cruisers at one point. With more and more people getting confidence in the brand, the future is looking bright for a wider range of models down the road. We design all the frames and pick out all the parts that customer’s choose for their bikes. Every year we use customer feedback to improve the bikes that we offer.

Coast Cycles is Affordabike’s brand of pre-built bicycles. We design the frames just like the Bilda Bikes and then we pick out a killer spec’ to match a customer’s riding needs and their cost conscious budget. The result is that we are able to deliver top notch urban bikes at a value and price-point that you wouldn’t find at other shops.

We take great pride in these brands and these bikes. We put our resources and energy into delivering the best bikes possible at a price people can afford.