Friends of the Store

Bike Law

Bike Law is a local law firm that is considered the nation’s preeminent source of information regarding all laws pertaining to cyclists. In the last five years, Bike Law has branched out to include satellite locations throughout the country thereby offering a comprehensive network of lawyers to assist cyclists. Although this may seem like a small niche, Bike Law has identified a wide and disparaging viewpoint whereas cyclists are typically not considered victims in accidents and drivers are given an exceeding amount of leeway. Thanks to Bike Law, hundreds of cyclists have been properly represented after their accidents. Bike Law has even worked with local governments to draft or amend laws to be more fair to cyclists.

Charleston Moves

Charleston Moves is Charleston, SC’s local cycling and pedestrian advocacy group. In many other cities, these types of groups are met with open arms and they are able to facilitate a wide range of projects that help to increase public well being. However, in Charleston it is a different story. The state controls much of Charleston’s roads and the local bureaucracy seems to move slow or at times, backwards, making Charleston Moves effort’s an uphill battle all the time. The group is led by Kurt Cavanaugh and Savannah Brennan, two young, passionate urban cyclists who have grand visions for a Charleston that is safer for cyclists.

Dallesandros Pizza

Dallesandros Pizza is a local pizzeria owned by two brothers, Ben and Nick Dallesandro. Pizza is their business but it is also their vehicle to contribute something more to the Charleston community. Both brothers are involved in a variety of local initiatives including bettering our public schools, obtaining affordable housing downtown, and most importantly, making the city more bike friendly. Dallesandros Pizza sponsors the Low Country Racing team, several local races, and they contribute pizza and support to a wide variety of cycling events throughout the year.

Charleston County Parks and Recreation

Affordabike is working with Charleston County Parks and recreation to implement cycling activities at county parks throughout the greater Charleston are. CCPRC is the host of the James Island Sprint Triathlon Series that Affordabike sponsors every year. The series is a great way for people to give the sport of triathlon a try. It is a short 500m swim, 12 mile bike, and 3 mile run. Many people can’t understand what makes others want to do a triathlon. Once people break down that barrier to believe that they could do something they thought they previously could not, it is very empowering and they take that strength into all aspects of their life.

CCPRC is also a big supporter of local mountain bike initiatives. Affordabike and CCPRC worked together to create Charleston’s first pump track at Wannamaker North Trail. The pump track is an area where you can ride around in a circle by pumping the handlebars up and down and doing very little pedal. Kids tend to dislike longer distance riding and they tend to like this type of ups-and-downs riding with the bank turns. The pump track has already proven to be a great asset to Wannamaker and CCPRC. We hope to work with them to implement similar tracks at Wannamaker and other parks in coming years.