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CORBS Race 2 @ Clay Pits at Marrington
Jan 21 @ 11:00 am

Affordabike is proud to present the first annual Charleston Off Road Bike Series! This is a four part series that will cater to several discplines of off-road cycling. Racers will collect points and big gift cards will be awarded to the winners with the most points at the end of race 4.

Race 2 is a time trial race at the clay pits at Marrington. Go past the trailhead. Stay straight past the playground. When the road splits, veer right and stay on the dirt road. Park at Mary’s Landing where you will see the water. The clay pits is right there on your right when you pull up. The race will start promptly at 11 so try to arrive at 9:30 or 10 to get set up.

Beginner Mens: 1 lap

Intermediate Mens: 2 laps

Expert Mens: 3 laps

Womens Open: 1 lap

Entry Level Road Ride @ Affordabike
Jan 22 @ 9:30 am

Entry level Road Ride every Sunday at the shop.

Commute on King @ Affordabike
Jan 27 @ 5:00 pm

Affordabike and Charleston Moves presents: COMMUTE ON KING!

This is a slow cruisin ride meant to raise awareness for local cycling by riding in a large responsible group. Let’s put aside the things in our everyday lives that we use to divide ourselves. This is a ride is meant to bring together people of all races, ages, and skill levels. All types of cyclists and all types of bikes are welcome on this ride.

We will start at Affordabike, go south down King, right on The Battery, right on Ashley, right on Cannon and end back at the store.

We have about 30 bikes in our rental fleet that your friends can borrow for free if they want to come! Just let us know in advance. We also have 3 tandems. Seniors or people with disabiliteis can ride on the back.

Here is the background behind the Commute on King initiative:

What if we told you that there are three roads heading North to South but one of them is fairly safer than the others? One of these routes has more cyclists, less cars, and slower traffic. The road we are describing is King St.

On King, from Mt. Pleasant St to Line St there are several schools and church’s that help to slow down traffic. The southbound lane is considerably wider than the northbound lane and affords cyclist a fair amount of safety room.

According to the City of Charleston, 92% of Charleston’s roads are controlled by the state which is drastically different from most cities where the roads are controlled and maintained by the city and county. Many Charleston citizens, cyclists, and even city officials do not understand this process. It makes it incredibly difficult to get the message to the higher ups at the DOT and it makes progress slow at best. We are confident that the Lowline Initiative will work out and will offer safe passage. However, that could take a few years before any infrastructure is implemented.

Locals, cyclists and politicians included, agree that there are no easy, immediate solutions to get more bike lanes downtown. With that in mind, we have gathered support from the City of Charleston planning department, from the police department, from city council members, and now we are asking your support to get more people to commute by bicycle on King St. The more cyclists use this route, the more cars will go to Rutledge and Meeting. Drivers don’t want their commute slowed down nor do they want to risk hitting cyclists. The more cyclists that commute down King, the more the city and state will take notice and the better chance we will have of getting infrastructure. Additionally, we hope that this will contribute to a responsible cycling attitude on this thoroughfare.

Why the chess piece? Because this is a chess move. We can’t wait, wait, wait for the unknown. We need safe passage now. With this initiative we are taking the safest North–>South route we have available to us and we are working together to make it the safest it can be by simply riding and being noticed.

his week we will start at Affordabike, head South on King to the Battery, loop the Battery, then head back on Ashley, turn right on Cannon, and head back to Affordabike.

There will NOT be a police escort on this ride. We will have a golf cart in the back of the group as a sweeper. The golf cart will have extra bikes on it. If anyone breaks down we will replace their bike and get them back on the road immediately.

Entry Level Road Ride @ Affordabike
Jan 29 @ 9:30 am

Entry level Road Ride every Sunday at the shop.


Feedback From Our Customers

  • I've just left Affordabike and have to say - Daniel is awesome!! He spent all the time I needed to ask questions, look at options, learn about their soon to be delivered Guru Sports advance fit system and how/why a new bike could benefit me. I'm not a super triathlete but I'm telling you, I left feeling valued and respected. I also left feeling like I was being listened to and heard. Not a moment of "oh man get me out of here this guy is just trying to take my money". I highly recommend to anyone looking for a bike that you start here first. I can't wait for the Guru system to be up and running . . . And then getting a new bike!
  • AFFORDABIKE... why go anywhere else! The Matty's (That's what I call them) did such an AWESOME job on my custom build. I can't begin to thank you guys for this. You guys built me a real head turner of a bike! The 1st day on the road w/it & some guy offered $2000 for my bike. That told me I took my bike to the right place!
  • The guys at affordabike are amazing. I left my credit card and license at the store by accident and they brought it to me, customer service at its finest. Honestly these guys are the best!
  • My friends say I have a biking problem. The only problem I have is saying no to all of the sweet bike deals I find at Affordabike. My most recent purchase was a CAADX on year end closeout that Hunter pointed me towards - a way better bike than I thought I could get at that price point! At peak times on the weekends they can be busy but the guys there genuinely love bikes and want to help. Oh and they have shop dogs, so you know it's a legit bike shop.
  • I'm fairly new into biking. Before, I used to think Walmart was where you go to buy a bike. I was referred to Affordabike by my co-worker. We went to Affordabike to look at bikes, and the staff was very helpful in fitting me to a bike. Hunter had me try out a few different sizes and a few different models. I ended up buying a new Cannondale Trail 5, and I love the bike. The team at Affordabike has not only done a great job assembling the bike (it hasn't fallen apart, unlike the many bikes I've purchased from Walmart over the years), but they perform maintenance on the bike for me. I've had a really good experience with Affordabike!