About Us

Bilda Bike was founded in 2009 when two college students came up with a vision, then put the pieces of the puzzle together to make that vision a reality. Griff Ducworth, bicycle expert, had been taking apart various bicycles, painting them, then re-assembling them in his backyard before selling them at a discounted price to his friends. Daniel Russell-Einhorn, a College of Charleston student with importing experience, saw what Griff was doing and couldn’t help but imagine what kind of partnership the two could create.

The two went on to create the Bilda Bike brand of custom made bicycles. They started in 2009 with one model. By 2011 they would offer 6 frames and more color/parts options than any other online custom bike builder. Their quality has continued to improve every season, yet the prices remain lower than any of the other online custom bike builders.

All parts for the custom bikes are kept in stock at our warehouse in Charleston, SC. We assemble the bikes 100% on site (IN THE USA!) and strictly monitor the process to guarantee quality.


Affordabike is the bike shop that Griff and Daniel created to sell the custom made bicycles locally in Charleston, SC. They listened to customers as demand continued to increase for more varied products. Within about a year the pair brought on Cannondale, Felt, Norco, Kona, Linus, Biria, and Dahon with the aim of catering to all types of cyclists. Affordabike is now proud to host the widest selection of road, mountain, single speed, hybrid, and city bikes in Charleston. There are typically over 100 different models on the sales floor at any given time. Our prices on labor and parts are incredibly reasonable.

Affordabike is known for its friendly and professional staff. We have a reputation for giving customers the personal attention they deserve to find a bicycle/ part that suits their cycling needs.