Bike Share Routes

Here are some recommended routes to follow using our Bike Share Program.

Park Cafe

Eat breakfast or lunch at Park Cafe. Rent 2 bikes on site. Follow the directions below for a 2.5 mile ride including a beautiful marsh view from the Lowndes Grove dock, followed by a scenic loop of Hampton Park.

  1. Start at Park Cafe
  2. Riding on Grove, cross Rutledge Ave
  3. Make a right on 12th
  4. Make a left on Alberta
  5. Make a left on Deveraux
  6. Make a left on Mary Ellen Drive
  7. Look to your right and there will be a pathway leading out into the marsh. Ride out and enjoy the beautiful view.
  8. Continue looping around Mary Ellen Drive.
  9. Make a right on 10th avenue.
  10. Take 10th avenue all the way to Hampton Park
  11. Loop around Hampton Park on the bike lane and exit on Cleveland St.